Anya’s Story

Anya is a German Shepherd that has what is believed to be Pituitary Dwarfism.

She was bred by a breeder who has now taken herself off Facebook and who has denied that two of the pups in Anya’s litter are dwarfs. Some people are of the opinion that both dog and bitch in a mating that produces dwarfs should ethically be desexed.

She will not grow much bigger than a Cocker Spaniel and she is likely to have on going health problems.

Anya’s new owner -Fran is committed to keeping Anya for the rest of her possibly shortened life. She has and still is researching dwarfism in dogs and have altered her diet and have implemented extra minerals and treatments in her daily regime. After a couple of weeks of doing this- her fur has thickened and is growing and she is gaining weight.

Anya is attending a Basic obedience and life skills class. She is learning just as quickly as the other young dogs and her initial reactivity to other dogs has ceased.

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