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Senior Trainer and Principal

The owner, founder and principal trainer of Bright Bessy Dog Training.

The owner, founder and principal trainer of Bright Bessy Dog Training.
Kyra was a teacher of Animal Sciences at a tertiary level for thirteen years and is also a qualified zoo keeper.
She has formal qualifications in Training and Dog Behaviour, having studied with the National Dog Training Federation.

Kyra has now trained over six thousand dogs – a fact that gives her the title of being a highly experienced dog trainer.

Kyra is also a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia.This organisation allows for, and requires members to continue their professional development in dog training and promote the use of only positive reinforcement methods in training regimes.

Kyra has developed a reputation as being an effective and competent trainer. She can often be seen around town training clients’ own pets as assistance dogs ,teaching pups in classes or training a dog with a behavioural problem.

She has also gained a reputation for training dogs that many would find too difficult to train.

Kyra is also the founder and program designer of the Community Support Dog  Program which has been an award finalist two years running.

Kyra has also spearheaded the Let’s End Attacks by Dogs initiative with a colleague.This is a program that provides information about dog attacks in the Coffs Coast area .The initiative will ‘ lead’ to providing help for those who have been impacted by a dog attack.

Kyra feels that a good trainer needs to advocate for the dog by teaching the owner to see life and training techniques from the dog’s perspective.She is adamant that dogs deserve to be trained gently and thoughtfully as a sign of respect to them.

They are such giving animals that can enrich a life and grow a smile on a face by just being there.