Behaviour Therapy

Private consultations at your home

We offer a home consultation and training service because:

  • Often clients initially find it embarrassing or difficult to bring their dog out in public.
  • The dog is more likely to display ‘normal behaviours’ in its own, familiar environment.
  • Clients feel more relaxed in their own home.
  • Clients are able to make appointments for us to see them rather than them having to travel.

How we help

  • Owning a dog with a behavioural problem can be a most stressful situation.
  • Undesirable behaviours that may require correction include aggression, reactivity to other dogs, humans or objects, obsessive/compulsive disorders, dominance, fear, resource-guarding, ‘middle finger syndrome’ or post trauma behaviour .
  • We believe that the best way to solve a dog’s behavioural problem is to adopt a holistic approach to its training.
  • An individual program is implemented for each dog
  • We look at all possible reasons for the dog’s behaviour including its history, environment, health (via vet), relationship dynamics in the family and how it is being trained.
  • Our training methods are gentle (we use no force), methodical, easy to understand and most importantly, effective.

The only equipment we use is a flat collar and a lead.

Our success in this service has saved marriages, saved dogs from euthanasia and enabled peace to reign in the home once more!