Obedience and life skills training in groups.

We have developed a unique, streamlined logical obedience and life skills course. The purpose of our obedience and life skills training is to provide you and your dog with the necessary skills to allow for a happy, harmonious life.

Working and learning together at our three level course will allow you and your dog to:

  • Develop a very strong bond with you
  • Transform you both into a great team that can do anything together
  • Learn the basic prerequisite skills needed to join our Community Support Dog  facility dog course
  • Develop skills until you both achieve a level that will enable you to participate in obedience trialing if you so desire
  • Be welcomed almost everywhere you go

Our unique course consists of three levels allowing you to always have goals to strive for and always something to ‘go on with’ alongside your dog.

  • We only use a flat collar and lead when training
  • We use positive training methods only
  • We use no luring with food to train behaviours and limit the use of food for reward
  • Dogs trained with food tend to not work without it
  • We incorporate life skills and loads of fun into our program

Canine Confidence

Many dogs find that life is full of monsters.

This may be due to them being kept isolated while a puppy, experiences that have affected their behaviour or inadvertent reinforcement by the owner of a fear response.

We provide a confidence-building program that allows the owner to learn how to understand their dog.

Most importantly, the program ultimately enables the dog to live a life that is free from anxiety and stress.

Complex Skills

It’s really nice to teach your dog a trick or two.

The dog enjoys it and so do you and your family.

We teach owners the correct method of simple trick-training and also skills to teach more complex skills that involve chaining behaviours together.

Some popular tricks that we teach are beg, drop dead, hands up, opening and closing things, tidy toys, getting a drink from the fridge etc.