Rufio’s Story

The dog that no one wanted

Rufio – formerly Rupio was advertised on Gumtree. Prior to Sandra giving him a permanent home – he experienced three changes of homes in a one year period!

When I visited him for our first training session- he was confused, could not relax was anxious and had eyes that told of a story of not being understood.

From our first meeting, I knew that Sandra was the right person to become his human as she was committed to putting the work in to make him comfortable and confident that in his forever home.

His training has been gradual – letting him tell us when he is ready to progress to the next step. He has been taught general obedience at which he has excelled.

Rather than keeping him isolated and in a small enclosure – we have desensitised him to his immediate environment – until he is now very confident around his suburban house. He even loves the dog next door!

He has recently progressed to being taken to a local park where he was allowed to sniff around while being on a long line. He is now not reacting to cars, joggers, or people passing close by. He is learning that the world is really not full of monsters!

He has now met with my dog Chilli. His initial reaction to her were a few bluff barks over a short period of minutes –after which he settled very well and was walking right next to Chilli, even licking her face on occasions.

Note well – Chilli is a totally nonreactive dog – a trainers dog should NEVER be used in a physical or dominant way .

Rufio has endured intolerance and impatience in the last horrible year of his life. He has finally found – in Sandra – an owner that understands and is committed to making the rest of Rufio’s life happy and contented.

Rufio’s story is an example of my theory that ‘you only get out of your dog what you are willing to put into it’.

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