Beach etiquette for dogs

Every dog and its owner have the right to enjoy themselves on the beach. Keeping that in mind, as dog owners, we need to work together to allow for a harmonious beach environment. Below are some points to consider: Be aware of lead only areas. The rules apply to everyone! Two trouble spots in Coffs… Continue reading Beach etiquette for dogs

So you are having a baby

Congratulations! But it’s my job to think of your dog. Many dogs get pushed into the background once a child comes onto the scene. The dog doesn’t understand, and in the worst case scenario can become aggressive towards the child. A few suggestions on what to do? Make a list of what you want your… Continue reading So you are having a baby

Keeping your dog cool

When it’s hot outside and you are uncomfortable, just imagine how your dog feels – it’s wearing a fur coat! Your dog is restricted to your backyard and it is dependent upon you to keep it cool. Some ideas to keep your dog cool: Provide your dog with a wading pool – in the shade… Continue reading Keeping your dog cool

Enrichment for your dog

A dog left in an enclosed backyard with nothing to do is equivalent to you being locked in a small room all day. Prolonged periods of boredom may lead to destructive and sometimes obsessive or repetitive undesirable behaviour such as pacing and tail chasing. To keep your dog amused and physically and mentally happy –… Continue reading Enrichment for your dog

See life from their eyes

I have had the honour of training several dogs as support dogs for people confined to wheel chairs or who need their dogs to help them for other reasons. As part of the dogs’ socialization training, we often frequent markets, coffee shops and busy pedestrian areas. To be honest, I’ve been shocked by the lack… Continue reading See life from their eyes