Puppy School

The proof of a good puppy school is reputation. Kyra, the principal trainer of Bright Bessy Dog Training is the pup school facilitator/or recommended dog trainer for six vets in the Coffs Coast area.

Enrolling your dog in a reputable, professional puppy school is the best start to life you can give your “new addition”. Choose the puppy school that you enrol your pup in wisely. Below are some important considerations that may help you make that choice.

Your facilitator should:

  1. Be a certified dog trainer
  2. Be highly experienced
  3. Have good people skills
  4. Not suggest or use any physicality in training what so ever
  5. Provide a non-competitive environment
  6. Treat you and your dog with respect
  7. Be able and willing to answer questions and provide correct information
  8. Provide a safe, non-threatening environment for your pup
  9. Have the know how to give your pup a solid skill set on which to build
  10. Be willing to involve your children either in class or privately

Pup school should be for pups aged from 8 weeks to 16 weeks of age. This is the period when socialisation skills are best absorbed and when fears and confidences develop.

To book your pup into one of our pup schools – Please phone Kyra direct on 0402 795 716 , phone your vet for details or contact Kyra via the Bright Bessy Dog Training Web site.

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