Bonza The Wonderdog

That was the nickname we gave the 19 week old puppy we got from a breeder we found online after we vowed never to get a dog again. It was a decision my husband and I made 7 years ago because we don’t ever want to pick up another dog pooh! It all changed when… Continue reading Bonza The Wonderdog

Hazel’s Story

Her head was like a bank with a very large ‘fear account’ Hazel is a beautiful young dog that has had changes in her life and has had a few scares. When I first met her she was highly reactive to so many things –the front door, strangers in and out of the house, loud… Continue reading Hazel’s Story

Rufio’s Story

The dog that no one wanted Rufio – formerly Rupio was advertised on Gumtree. Prior to Sandra giving him a permanent home – he experienced three changes of homes in a one year period! When I visited him for our first training session- he was confused, could not relax was anxious and had eyes that… Continue reading Rufio’s Story