Chilli’s Story

Chilli is Kyra’s own dog. Kyra is the owner and trainer of Bright Bessy Dog Training.

Chilli is a certified Community Support Dog – visiting people in need. She is also a Canine Dog Trainer

Kyra says:

I bonded with Chilli a long time ago. I remember saying to her breeder, “If you ever want to sell that dog – she’s mine”. My dream came true and I got my black beauty.

I initially trained Chilli to help me train dogs with reactivity problems by teaching her subtle movements that in the dog world, have a calming effect. She is never used in an aggressive or dominant manner. She then also developed some behaviours that allowed her to assist with dogs that pull on the lead – once again – totally passive. Chilli sometimes comes in with me when I’m training pups at pup school and instinctively lies next to pups that are agitated.

Four years ago, I saw the need for dogs to be trained to a high standard, so that they would be well behaved and effective in visiting those in our community, that need a visit and some cheering up. As a result, Chilli was trained in order to fill that void. That is how Bright Bessy Dog Training Community Support Dogs was conceived – but that’s another story.

She is an amazing dog. I have only heard her bark once. Chilli does not react to other dogs and has the happiest tail that wags constantly. She has a sixth sense with people that she visits and seems to know just what to do for each individual. She will give a little whine and look at someone if she knows that they need her help. She has made people who haven’t spoken for extended periods, talk, and recluse people, engage.

Yes, Chilli is my dog, and yes, I may be biased, but in all of my years as a dog trainer, I have never come across a dog who is so knowing, so patient and so very wise. She really is one in a million.

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