My Little Dog Sally

My little dog, Sally, has had an anxiety problem since the first day she came home at 8 weeks old. She could never relax, followed me around the house all day and panicked whenever I left her sight. She was scared of other people and her crazy behaviour whenever we had to leave her at home was really stressing me out. I tried so many things and nothing seemed to work.

Kyra walked in and could immediately see what the problem was. She was really clear on what we needed to do, how to do it and provided me with the solutions I had been looking for! She gave me hope that we could solve the problem using the methods she suggested. Within just one week of implementing the new rules and techniques I had a new dog!

My family and I are, once again, madly in love with our little dog and I am really confident that if we follow these training techniques we will ALL be a lot happier and have a happy little dog. Would recommend anyone who needs help with their dog to call Kyra!

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