Diva our Bull Arab

We enquired at several places about puppy schooling when Diva was nine weeks old.

One place told us that at their puppy school, the pups learn to sit, drop and shake hands all in one session. Too much too soon we thought! Another place told us that Bull Arabs are aggressive – so we should ‘scruff her’ regularly to tell her who is boss!

Feeling very confused – we were told about Kyra at Bright Bessy Dog Training. We rang her and she spoke to us at length answering any questions that we asked. She was very humble – even though we found out from our vet later – that she is the most respected dog trainer in the area.

At the first pup school session – we were very impressed with Kyra’s welcome and kindness. Her gentle method of training pups is like nothing that we’d heard of or read about. She encouraged the pups and allowed them to progress at their own pace.

We used very little food in training – but I noticed that the pups were so focused – even after just one session.

Kyra demonstrated everything that she asked us to teach our pups and explained why it was done that way. She changed activities for the pups regularly and they got to relax often in each session. Kyra has an awesome sense of humour and continually used what she calls ‘Kyra-isms’.

Our pups learnt the basic commands, confidence, handling and so much more. We learnt all about care of our pups. Some of us had children which Kyra involved in their pups training consistently. We felt very comfortable in the class. We were never made to feel stupid if we asked questions. The classes were in no way competitive either.

Not all of the pups graduated – but everyone got a certificate of some sort.

The consensus of our class was that Kyra had so much patience and knowledge and was always so very calm and approachable.

As for our Diva – she is being trained in special skills by Kyra for our daughter who has special needs.

Greg and Jo Holland
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