Year: 2016

So you’ve adopted a greyhound

Some people who have adopted greyhounds from a local shelter -have been told that they do not have to muzzle their new dogs in public- as the dogs have undergone the shelter’s temperament assessment.This information is incorrect. The NSW Companion

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Millie’s Story

Millie is a most beautiful, fifteen month old Rough Collie. She was purchased from a breeder and endured a very long flight, at a very young age in a crate to her present owner. From the time that she arrived

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Bonza The Wonderdog

That was the nickname we gave the 19 week old puppy we got from a breeder we found online after we vowed never to get a dog again. It was a decision my husband and I made 7 years ago

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Hazel’s Story

  Her head was like a bank with a very large ‘fear account’ Hazel is a beautiful young dog that has had changes in her life and has had a few scares. When I first met her she was highly

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Rufio’s Story

The dog that no one wanted Rufio – formerly Rupio was advertised on Gumtree. Prior to Sandra giving him a permanent home – he experienced three changes of homes in a one year period! When I visited him for our

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